Saturday, September 11, 2010

Forex Automoney - Review & Analysis

Introduction to the Forex Market FOREX (FOReign EXchange market) is an international foreign exchange market, where money is sold and bought freely. In its present condition FOREX was launched in the 1970s, when free exchange rates were introduced, and only the participants of the market determine the price of one currency against the other proceeding from supply and demand. As far as the freedom from any external control and free competition are concerned, FOREX is a perfect market. It is also the biggest liquid financial market. According to various assessments, money masses in the market constitute from 1 to 2 trillion US dollars a day. (It is impossible to determine an absolutely exact number because trading is not centralized on an exchange.) Transactions are conducted all over the world via telecommunications 24 hours a day from 00:00 GMT on Monday to 10:00 pm GMT on Friday. Practically in every time zone (that is, in Frankfurt-on-Main, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.) there are dealers who will quote currencies. Forex Auto Money Review What is Forex AutoMoney? What is Required to do This? Forex AutoMoney is an automated Forex trading signal service. It completely takes the guesswork out of trading in the Forex markets. There is no technical analysis required on your part to use this service. All you have to do is login to get your buy or sell signal. 1. The first thing you need to trade Forex is a computer (PC or MAC) with an Internet connection. It can even be a computer in an Internet cafe or library - it doesn\'t matter. 2. The second thing is money of course. You must sell or buy other currencies using your money. You can start trading with just ONE DOLLAR! However, you will probably want to start with at least $500. Preferably $2000 if you have the money. You can still start trading with less money than this, but, you will not make very much money. 3. The third, and the last thing that is required is the knowledge of when to buy or sell. There are thousands of manuals about Forex, technical analysis, thousands of methods that tell you how you should trade. But they all make trading very complicated and - let\'s be honest - those systems and manuals give you NOTHING and they just do not work most of the time. What is REALLY SIMPLE are so-called ready to use signals: \"buy now\" or \"sell now\". That\'s what\'s best and that\'s what Forex AutoMoeny does. You don\'t have to think anymore - just buy or sell when the signals tell you to. So let\'s sum it up: * you need access to the Internet (obviously you have it already) * a little money (even ONE DOLLAR to start off, although not recommended) * and the Forex AutoMoney membership. That\'s all you need to make money 100% automatically with Forex AutoMoney. And you can start making money right now. Additionally, it takes only a few minutes per day to do the work. All you have to do is log in, read the signal and click to trade. That\'s all. Sounds too easy right? Well, to some is. How Does It Work? Forex AutoMoney is a monthly membership based Forex trading signal service that uses an innovative intelligent software which automatically analyzes currencies markets and determines when to buy or sell. It can generate buy and sell signals in 3 time frames: 1. intraday - 6 times a day a buy or sell message is generated 2. daily - signals are generated once a day 3. weekly - using these signals you can trade once a week if that\'s all the time you want to invest Of course you can use all 3 systems - you can trade intraday and daily and weekly! This maximizes your profits. You can divide your money up and trade all three time frames if you choose to do so. Of course signals are generated for all major currency pairs, and using all of them can maximizes your profits. Here is an example based on an actual signal generated from the Forex AutoMoney trading system: Currency Pair: EUR/USD Type of Trade: BUY Time to Enter: 10:00 PM EST Get Profit: 120 Pips Stop Loss: 50 Pips In this trade, a 120 pips profit was recorded. This equals to over $1000 trading 1 standard lot or $100 trading 1 mini lot. It only took a couple minutes to enter the trade. Why Use a Service Like Forex AutoMoney? Forex is an extremely volatile market and it can take a long time to learn how to trade successfully without the right tools. Also, during this learning process it is possible to lose a LOT of money. Technical analysis can be quite complicated and is NOT for everyone. Also, there is a huge emotional factor that can affect your trading. It is very unwise to rely on your \"intuition,\" or \"gut feeling,\" when trading the Forex markets. That is gambling. Professional traders that make money day in and day out in the Forex markets rely on systems that are mechanical and remove any chance of having to rely on \"feelings,\" or \"gut instinct.\" Forex AutoMoney, helps to make your trading a mechanical process. It removes the guesswork. Forex Auto Money Pros & Cons Pros of Forex AutoMoney: 1. Very simple to use. 2. Signals are generated by complex mathematical calculations and algorithms making them more accurate 3. Lots of profits have been generated by many people using these signals 4. Saves you the time and hassle of having to monitor the markets 5. Money Back Guarantee 6. 3 day demo trial for $4.95 Cons: 1. You still have to place your trades yourself. The system does not place the trades for you. 2. The manual on using the trading service could be more detailed. (If you try the service through this site, leave your email address under the comments section and we will send you a brief manual that fills in the gaps. Don\'t worry, your email will not be posted publicly.) If one would like to find out more about this particular service, their site can be visited at:

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